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About us

Pro Proposal Co. is a Proposal Planning company founded November 2021. Since then, we have grown so much as a business. Event planning and special moments have always been a passion of mine. Being a part of people's special moments is one of my favorite things. Thus, I created a company surrounding one of the MOST special moments... your engagement day!


My husband, Marshall, created my dream proposal. It was one of the happiest days of our lives. The love, dedication, and time that went into his proposal to me was INCREDIBLE... but so much work on his end. This sparked my idea for this unique business. I wanted to create a business where the proposer can come and find an expert team to take care of all the meticulous things a proposal holds. We truly believe the proposer deserves to have their dream day like their partner. 


Our team is dedicated to helping those who lack the time and creative mind to come up with their partners dream proposal. This isn't just our jobs, it is our love!

- Maddie Job, Founder of Pro Proposal Co.

About Us: Team Members


Your Proposal Pros


CEO, Founder, Lead Proposal Planner

Maddie Job

Katelyn Labrum

Proposal Coordinator

For questions regarding proposal planning, reach out to

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