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7 Utah Proposal Ideas

Are you proposing soon in Utah? If so, you have come to the right place. Creating a unique and special proposal idea can be really stressful. To help you start planning, here is our list our top 7 unique Utah locations for your proposal!

  1. Tibble Fork

Tibble Fork Reservoir is one of the prettiest places in Utah. Located right up American Fork Canyon, you can have a very romantic proposal. Just look at that view!

Video by Alex Pizzaro Productions

Photo by Ricardo Q. Photography

2. Antelope Island

Antelope Island is one of the only places in Utah that can give you the "Beach Vibes" and "Mountain Vibes" all in one place. Located in Davis County, you are sure to get a stunning proposal.

Photo by Okerlund Photography

3. Squaw Peak (Or really any hills in Utah)

Do you want that city lights look? Consider a proposal set up at golden hour. You can get clear photos of your proposal set up and after it gets a bit darker... this is what your photos could look like!

4. Pavilion

Pavilion proposals can be super romantic. With a little decorating, they can even look luxurious! Adding any kind of lights will give you that fancy feel. One of our favorite places to use is the Pavilion at the Shops at Riverwoods located in Provo. (They even have outlets for lighting!)

Photo by Fauset Photography

Video By Alex Pizzaro Productions

5. Deer Creek

Located in Heber City, Deer Creek is a great option for your Utah proposal! It has a little beach, a great restaurant, and fun water rentals all on site! It looks beautiful both in the Summer and Winter. You can't go wrong with a Deer Creek proposal!

Photo by Fauset Photography

6. Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon is one of the prettiest locations in Utah by far. It is a breathtaking drive and has some beautiful places you can propose including Bridal Veil Falls, Sundance, and any spot off to the side of the Canyon. (Like this proposal below!) If you want a proposal with a view, this is the way to go!

Photo by Fauset Photography

7. Provo Falls

We saved the best for last! Located in Kamas Utah, way up in the Uintah's is this hidden gem. This is where we got engaged and it is breathtaking. If you want a beautiful view of rocks and a waterfall, this is a winner. You could set up a proposal up there basically anywhere you step! One thing to keep in mind is there is no service so be sure to have your proposal very coordinated.

Photos by Fauset Photography

Need help planning your proposal? We can help!

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