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3 Tips to Plan Your Partners Perfect Proposal

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Are you getting ready to propose to the love of your life? It is a time full of love, excitement, and of course nerves. Starting the planning process can feel overwhelming! To help you feel a little more at ease, I am going to share with you 3 of my favorite tips to plan the perfect proposal for your partner.

  • Make it personal

As a proposal planner, my #1 tip I could give is to make it personal. This is a once in a lifetime event and it deserves to have thought put into it. The best proposals are the ones that are thoughtful and meaningful to either your partner or to you as a couple. Ways you can do this are to think of the little things; having a bouquet of her favorite flowers, proposing in a location that you both enjoy, or asking your friends and family to be there as a surprise.

Everyone is unique and not every proposal idea is a one size fits all. Making it personal gives you the highest chance of a successful, meaningful proposal.

This is Roma and Maricela! Roma made this proposal very personalized to Maricela. He made sure we incorporated Maricela's favorite color, that he had a gorgeous view to pop the question, and had all of their close family there to celebrate! We loved how personal it was to them both.

  • Hire a Photographer, Videographer, or both!

Most of the time, people want their special moments documented. The clients I have worked with have all had their proposal photographed and let me say... it is a big hit. These clients LOVE seeing the photos from their big moment! A lot of times, people like to keep their proposal a surprise and it can catch their partner off guard. (in the best way!) But because it can catch them off guard, it is hard for them to be in the moment to soak it all up! Having photos from your proposal is such a fun way to capture the big day. Having your moment captured in time forever is never a negative!

We can't imagine not having this proposal photographed! Just look at that full moon shot over the mountain.

  • Rehearse what you are going to say BEFORE you pop the question

If you think you can just wing your proposal... you have got it all wrong. A lot of people don't anticipate how nerve wracking it can be when you are getting on one knee to ask someone to marry you. There is a lot of pressure! Rehearsing what you are going to say will be so beneficial to you. Not only is it good to have your thoughts together but it will help you come across more confident and calm when the day arrives. Just like how you propose is important, what you say is even more important. When deciding what to say, reflect back on your relationship and share why it is you want to be with your person forever. It will be very meaningful to your partner and help them feel on top of the world. I promise!

Just remember, you've got this! Yes there is a lot to think about when it comes to planning your proposal but keep in mind you are doing it all because you are in love and want to spend forever with your person. You are just one question away from being there!

For more proposal inspiration and tips, check out our other blog posts or our Instagram!

Photo Credit: Charissa Lee Studios

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